Hair with Frizz


Depending on your hair type, frizz looks, feels and reacts differently. Dry conditions can give thin hair the fly-aways and turn thick, curly hair into a tangle. Dampness and humidity can turn on frizz for all hair types.

Frizz-prone hair tries to absorb moisture from the air, making it expand and look frazzled.

Frizz Controller


Help keep frizz to a minimum by using specially formulated products that tame frizz, like Frizz Controller shampoo and conditioner. Products like these help weatherproof your hair. Reduced friction and static electricity are attainable when frizzy hair is conditioned properly.

Start with a quality haircut from a professional familiar with your hair type. Good stylists will know to cut angles into curls-boosting their form and minimizing frizz.

Don’t overhandle hair because it can contribute to frizz. So part of the problem might lie in your own hands. Once hair is dry, keep touching to a minimum.

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