Hair That’s Dry


When hair is dry, the cuticle has become heavily weathered and porous and cannot retain water. Friction, heated appliances, chemicals and overexposure to the elements are the most common causes, but any combination of drying factors can take moisture out of your hair.

When hair looks and feels dry, it tangles easily and is difficult to comb. Dry hair tends to be more of a problem in long hair, simply because the hair has had a longer life to endure more wear and tear.

The good news is that most healthy hair can withstand the occasional appliance mishap or weather run-in. It’s repeated damage from things like chemical over-processing and frequent styling that can leave your hair thirsting for moisture.

Moisture Replenisher


Fortunately, the process of rehydrating dry hair is often much quicker than the time it took to dry out.

Don’t overdo your ’do. Take a break from heated appliances, over-styling and even touching. Hair is resilient but too much attention can take its toll.

Replenish parched locks. Use products designed for dry hair, like those in the Moisture Replenisher collection. Conditioner protects the edges of the cuticle to help prevent further damage, while leave-in treatments can help decrease damaging friction in wet and dry hair.

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